I came across a very interesting blog(cloudflare) where subnet is defined so easily. I am not modifying content here but putting same content so that i don’t miss this content.

A subnet, or subnetwork, is a network inside a network. Subnets make networks more efficient. Through subnetting, network traffic can…

VPN is a virtual private network connection over a public-access network, such as the Internet.

A VPN has three primary goals.

  1. Privacy — Communicating parties want to make sure that no one else can read or see their communication. VPN products typically use encryption to address privacy.
  2. Integrity — a…

What is new in Junit5 as compare to Junit4

  • Junit4 framework was contained in a single jar library. The whole library needs to be imported even when only a particular feature is required. In JUnit 5, we get more granularity and can import only what is necessary
  • One test runner can only execute tests in JUnit 4 at a…

In Kotlin context we can also use sealed classes combined with whenexpression. Allowing compiler to verify all branch statements, making the statement else unnecessary.

This is one of the trending topics in interview questions. Here I am describing step-by-step discussion for cracking such design questions.

Basics Principle Of Scheduler

It will schedule a Job which will be triggered at a specified time.

Interview design question always comes in one-line requirement. …

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